Merkatus! Earn money by helping people with their tasks.

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Merkatus is a local marketplace in Eindhoven

that connects you to the right people

who are providing services you need.

What can you do on Merkatus?

Post Service/Need

Offer a service to others or post a need to get helped by others.


Chat with service providers to ask questions or to give more details about task.


Rate service providers after job is done to give other people a better view of them.


Share services on social media to increase your chances of getting customers.


When will Merkatus be Live?

We are working on it continously. You can expect a beta version very soon.

Where will it be released?

We are targeting our initial launch in Eindhoven, but we have a vision to release it nationwide.

Why is Merkatus different from Marktplaats or eBay?

Merkatus is a marketplace for services, while Marktplaats and eBay are used to buy/sell products. This means that Merkatus connects you to the right people who are providing services you need.

Can i join your team?

Why not? Send us an Email and tell us why you want to be part of Merkatus.

On What platforms will it be released?

Initially it will be a Web application but we also have a mobile application written down in our future goals.

I have more questions

That's great. You can tweet us @merkatus_nl, or send a message using our contact form.

At Merkatus, help is one click away.

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